In The Shoes Of Someone Else

May 4, 2010
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Don’t you hate it when you are taken advantage of or mistreated? Well I do, it all happened in February 2009. I was stopped by a cop for no ordinary reason, when he walks up his first question was, do you have license and registration? Right away I answered no license. The officer obviously knew by instinct that I was an illegal immigrant. He took me into El Paso County. That officer was nice which I see like a first step. By first step I mean that I just passed the easy step and I am now closer to torture. In El Paso County they took my prints, pictures, and measurements. I then went to a phone and called my brother to tell him. He asked why? What did you do??? I said, nothing just for any license supposebly but we all know the true reason. My brother then said, “Adolfo, don’t sign any papers at all until we tell you to. Then in El Paso County the officers would talk crap and they would make several racist jokes that I had to put up with. I can’t speak the language but I could most definitely understand it perfectly. One of the things they mentioned was, we are doing a great job, didn’t we just send a couple plains to Mexico last week??, and we are now completing a couple more. The way we are going we might be beaner free pretty soon. I took their crap for a week and a half. From there I was sent to the immigration center on 47th. Once there no one let me use a phone. My family did not know anything of me. They would call El Paso County to see where I was sent to but they wouldn’t give any information about me to my family. Then my family went to the immigration center and my family asked there. The person there said, hold up let me check, an officer behind him said (laughing) they were all sent back to where they belong at 3 in the morning. Once in Mexico I called to let my family know. It’s so unfair to get deported for no ordinary reason or should I say for not liking another race. Just for driving with out a “license” but stopped just for the color of my skin.

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