May 4, 2010
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Since the beginning of time, when time began Queens and Kings have ruled this world Aipotu. So many people have from all over this world had tried to rule Aipotu, some have achieved and some have failed. This is the story of a Queen and her family, and all the enjoyment about her life and some of the sadness her and her family and people experienced and how they went throughout this horrific struggle.
About 15,000 years ago a beautiful Queen ruled the world Aipotu, Her name was Einahpets, she was married to a king named Kcaj, and they had a handsome little prince named Nhoj. Queen Einahpets was the one who was the head of Aipotu this time, since King Kcaj was always off to battle because they usually had an enemy who could stand them ruling Aipotu. A lot of people liked the happiness that Queen Einahpets brought to Aipotu, but there was an evil witch who could not stand it, her name was Rotceh. Witch Rotceh would try so many times to over-turn the King and Queen of Aipotu, and especially wanted the Queen dead just because she was much more beautiful then the witch, and the Queen was always happy, she was never mad, she was that person who was just thankful for what she had, and what she could bring to these people in Aipotu and Rotceh hated that.
Then one year when the leaves were falling, and the time when everybody was thankful, Rotceh had an evil plan. King Kcaj had just left to meet up with some soldiers to make a battle plan about the witch, who they were in war with. When King Kcaj left Rotceh was already one step ahead of the plan. The night Rotceh got to the palace the witch waited till Queen Einahpets tucked little Prince Nhoj into bed, and waited for her outside, where she did her nightly prayer which was a couple fields away. The Queen finally started to head outside and started walking towards her tree and prayed, what the queen didn’t know is that the witch was watching her every move. The queen was finally done with her nightly prayer and started to head towards the palace still not knowing that the witch was watching her. When the queen was walking she tripped over a root that was sticking out of the ground from the tree, this is when the witch moved in to do what she cam to do the, the queen was knocked out. The witch was ready to kill the queen right when she was about to kill her, the guard started to do his nightly walk but couldn’t find her. There was a huge search party for the queen, when they finally found her laying on the ground half dead alone. They had thought the queen was dead but the doctors did everything they could do. Everyone in Aipotu was scared and sad she was going to die, when one day she woke up, it a whole month that she was out but with the good spirits that were protecting her she survived.
Nobody to this day knows where the Evil Witch is, since the day it happened she has not been seen. The story has it that that the queen still goes to her tree and prays every night, by herself.

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