May 4, 2010
It seems that men have decided to have their own society and get apart from the macho look, which they used to look at as a symbol of what a man should be. Women fantasize over the brave men in movies with their big muscles and romantic quotes but has all this gone down the toilet and flushed away forever. Some young men are now the opposite of this definitely not as brave to do men “stuff”, smell good and wont sweat, well overall they like to hear how good they look.

Society thinks of them as metrosexuals, a definition of the 2000’s one of a man who has a strong concern for his appearance or a lifestyle that displays attributes stereotypically associated with homosexual men. The way society perceives metrosexuals is most likely, “Are they homosexuals or bisexuals?” and the answer would be no. Can these men be there for us when we need something fixed, picking up dirty objects, and well helping with the normal things do for women? Angela S. Young says, “Is he a sissy?” To be honest I don’t think they are. This changes when you happen to see a small object in their hair and they start freaking out and they tell you to take it off, but of course do not dare to mess their hair. When something like this happens you can’t help it but change your mind and maybe think they are sissy’s.

Society has not only disrespected homosexuals but now disrespecting metrosexuals is the “new thing” to do. Now you can Google metrosexuals and you will find jokes about them and even quizzes to find out if you, yourself is a metrosexual. Society and metrosexuals seem to find ways to make fun people and the metrosexuals themselves seem to make fun homosexuals as well. Disrespecting them by calling them names and the funny thing is that they are making a fool of themselves when they look more of a homosexual than a straight man.

Its weird how these men look better than their girlfriends or their friend [girls]. Getting their eye brows done to the point where it looks better than women. Don’t get me wrong, not all guys that are metrosexuals are so extreme. I do agree though that these men get attention by women because of their appearance. These men smell good and you don’t have to ever worry about them smelling bad. They shower every day, so you definitely don’t need to be freaking out because their hair is oily or stinky. Oh! But remember not to get to close to them or you might get poked by their spiky. What type of girl won’t want their boyfriend to have the same color of clothes as her? The both of you can match once in awhile but there might be problem though, your boyfriend might not want to match, since they like every ones attention on them and only them when entering a room. It might be a bit difficult for the both of you to share the same attention if you decide to match. Also that you can share jeans with them or exchange them for one pair of jeans you like. If the jeans don’t fit you, you can always go shopping with them; take them with you, so they can give you good advice over the outfits you pick.

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