The Sum of a Nation

May 3, 2010
By Allie Almanzar BRONZE, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Allie Almanzar BRONZE, Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Monotony pervades a life guided by rules and systems; school provides such a tyranny, frittering away youth to detail. Turmoil over the material hovers as though a specter, tradition at its finest; where we seek knowledge, we meet memorization; and as though a defense mechanism, rhetoric rushes forth from bureaucratic figures; articulate words from another’s malevolent tongue– lament the power of the clique! The molds cast, those our minds are catered to fill; to brazenly, almost shamelessly, fling upon success, a sought release that inevitably amasses a mere sum of its calculation– Student loans, restricting brilliant young minds to another institution. A utopian society retains quality of life; beauty rests in thought, creativity once idle in the citizen; infrastructure, the physical face of a nation, does little for an unsatisfied people.

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