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May 7, 2010
By Kaitlyn Lee BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Kaitlyn Lee BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Talking kills. Cell phones, driving, and texting do not mix. Might as well make a death wish. It just effects your driving I say, it is lethal. All the distractions in your car should be avoided. Why don’t you just compare talking on a cell p hone to the slow reactions of senior citizen. Distractions, being younger or older than eighteen, and the laws all come to my mind when I stop and think about cell phones mixed with driving.

Distractions, distractions, distractions. Too many, but cell phones are just one of many. Surroundings, as distractions, may not be noticed as much. Perhaps people walking, signs, and many other things. Distracting phone calls aren’t in your best interest either. Whether it’s your kids yelling, your friends with that nights plans, these can all be mind distracting topics. Why not put your phone in the glove box? Sounds safer to me. Think about the harm you could be doing to others. How would your life turn around if you hit someone or crashed your car? Let’s all take a turn in life and the cell phones away, the call and texts can wait.

One of the laws in Minnesota is, if you are eighteen or older talking on the phone is okay. Yet if you are younger than eighteen it is against the law unless you pull over and park. Why is this okay? Wouldn’t you think senior citizens would have more trouble anyways since they aren’t up to date on all of this cell phone usage? So, why not just be on the safe side and make it a law that nobody can? Just think about how much safer things on the road would be. I say nobody should be given the privilege to be using cell phones while behind the wheel. There have been about thirty four states that have proposed to restrict cell phones in all moving cars. Although there have not been any states that have banned this yet. Come on people, can you see how we could help make the roads that we drive on a whole lot safer?

How can we change this? Wouldn’t you want to save someone you know or possible even yourself? Why wouldn’t you want to prevent bad things from happening? It doesn’t make any sense to me. It just frustrates me. I mean one thing you could do is be the responsible person and put the phones down, but is that really enough? How many people are actually going to do this? Probably not very many. So we have to speak out. Let people understand this situation a little bit better. Let all the responsible people let others know how life threatening this could be. You could be saving somebody’s life.

Now lets actually start thinking about all the possible distractions this could cause, how being eighteen and up most likely won’t make a difference. Just get it through your head that chatting it up on a cell phone while driving an automobile is not a very safe choice. As Lisa Ihde, a CTIA spokesperson says, “first and foremost, a driver’s top responsibility is to drive safely.” Lets all take into consideration what she is saying. Which in my opinion would be the smart thing to do. Lets put the cellular devices down so we can live another day and not cause other people accidents either.

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