Illegal Immigrants

May 7, 2010
By peine313 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
peine313 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Do you approve illegal immigration? I have three different topics that I’m sure will help you answer that question. Personally I have answered this already. The topics are the good thing about illegal immigrants, the bad things about it, and how do they get to the US. I am first going to talk about the good things.

The good thing about illegal immigration is that they take jobs that many Americans don’t want. According to USA Today, tens of thousand of jobs are going to illegal immigrants. They are usually getting them in high population states such as California, and are getting jobs such as construction workers. Also according to USA Today illegal immigrants could also get fifteen percent of the two million jobs that new taxpayer financed projects are predicting to create. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sure there is a down side to this.

I personally dislike illegal immigrants! First off they are taking jobs from many Americans. Think if there were no illegal immigrants in this country, we could give all the jobs that they now have to people that are homeless, or have just lost there job because of this economy. The HCN newspaper said, “This nation’s immigration policy, which began in 1965, is a disaster. It hurts the poor, the minorities, and the environment.” AMEN to HCN newspaper for writing that. But the question is, how do they get here?

There are a lot of different ways how illegal immigrants can get here. The most popular ways of getting to the US are by hiding in the trunks of cars or swimming across the Rio Grande River, on the Texas, Mexico border. You know what’s pathetic? Some people from America pay one thousand dollars to smuggle people to the USA. A single smuggler got $900,000 for all the people he smuggled to the USA, according to Fox News. Also, since 1989 we have allowed about 1 million illegal immigrants to get here. That’s unheard of, and I believe that it needs to stop. Some ways to stop them are putting piranhas in the Rio Grande River which will stop them from swimming across. Also, we could check the cars crossing the borders more efficiently. That should hopefully stop them.

Now after I informed you of this I hope that it will help you answer the question, do you like illegal immigrants? If you haven’t noticed I don’t really like them, but there are some good things about illegal immigrants. There are also some bad things about them, and I finally now know how they get here. Eventually I think that the USA will use my ideas or someone else’s ideas to fix this illegal immigration problem, but until then I guess we will just have to adapt.

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djmubbyz said...
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this was great source of information of illegal immigration .


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