Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

May 7, 2010
By mudcat23 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
mudcat23 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Global Warming? Some can believe it if they want, but to me it sounds like a bunch of nonsense. Here are just some quick, fast facts that support the so called, “Global Warming Myth.” The temperature has risen about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 130 years, but this has been occurring since the times of the dinosaurs. The past eleven out of twelve summers have been some of the hottest since 1850. What I’m trying to do is to let everyone know why Global Warming is a big fraud. There are many myths that have been made up over the past few years. Most of these myths are based off of the use of carbon dioxide, otherwise known as Co2. One of the most popular story tellers is Al Gore. Al Gore has given lots of anxiety to many Americans and inhabitants of the world. After researching this information there are lots of scientists that have proved global warming to be a giant myth.
There are many myths to the recent warming of the earth. Many scientists believe that the past decade has been the hottest for a long time. According to “Global Warming Hysteria” the earth has had its warming patterns since the first day of creation. It just so happens that the past decade was one of the hottest in a while. It is also said that Carbon Dioxide, otherwise known as Co2, is the leading cause of Global Warming. Well that is a false statement. The actual cause of Global Warming is from the sun. The sun has its solar activity. That is why when the sun has its flares it warms up Earth and all of the other seven planets at the same time.
Carbon Dioxide is the number one myth related to global warming. Everything that a person does nowadays deals with Co2. Carbon Dioxide can be produced by cars, planes, buses, electronics such as computers, televisions, and even cell phones. The list goes on and on. The shocker is that Co2 does not effect the earth. National Geographic states that, in the earth’s atmosphere the air we breath consists of about 79% oxygen and 20% oxygen. The remaining elements consist of a bunch of others including carbon dioxide. In order for humans, animals, and even plants to live we all need Co2. Especially plants, that’s how they live there life, by taking in Carbon Dioxide and producing Oxygen from it. This whole myth about Carbon Dioxide came from a few people but I’m sure you could guess at least one of them. It would happen to be Al Gore.
Al Gore was a former vice president back when Bill Clinton was running the country. Al Gore is big on this whole Global Warming Hysteria and he tried to give many Americans tips on how to prevent global warming. Sorry Al, but you don’t know what you are talking about. All of Al’s statements have, someway or another, been proven false by many scientists. The funny thing about Al gore is that he is hypocritical about everything he says. He states that Co2 is harming to the environment, so all Americans should try to reduce their electronic usage. Well Al Gore uses on average three times more electricity than the average household family in America! If your going to make something up like that, you might as well follow your own standards. All of these “Fairy Tales” have made the world react in many different ways.
To not produce Carbon Dioxide is pretty much is impossible. People wouldn’t be able to use and form of transportation besides bicycles, they wouldn’t be able to watch their favorite shows on T.V., they wouldn’t be able to wear clothes made in factories, so they have to make their own clothes out of homegrown cotton that was planted and harvested by hand. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? Well so does Global Warming. Humans also emit Carbon Dioxide when we exhale so to eliminate Co2 would be like killing all Americans.
Myths about Carbon Dioxide have been proven false and so has Al Gore. America doesn’t need to be too concerned about the environment. The Earth has had its times when it has been warmer than others. So just remember the next time you want to hold back on electricity use, you don’t really need to because its not harmful to the environment.

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