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May 7, 2010
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“Who wants to be a spoiled brat all of their lives? I know I don’t want to be! I want to tell girls they are beautiful and make them confident in themselves, not have them looking like they are thirty years old, when they should be able to be the little kids that they are.
The founders of Family Education complied that the girls in these so called “beauty pageants” are not in the best interest of healthy child development. People argue that it teaches them poise and gives them confidence. I disagree. It might make them feel confident but in the wrong ways. It makes them feel “better” then everyone and causes some to say they are “prettier” than one another, which isn’t the right confidence to have. Family Education founders also state that, “they are called BEAUTY pageants therefore, they are known to be based on “beauty” and the girls will take it in that way and it causes one contestant to be “better” then all the rest.” Dr. Meaulnes stated his opinion on a popular website, Family Education, saying, “I wish there were more real WOMEN in these beauty pageants. Most contestants look like anorexic, twelve year old boys with boob jobs.” So obviously it is some opinions that beauty pageants shouldn’t be for young girls like three and four but for older women.
Dr. Robin stated, children ages 2 to 5 in these beauty pageants are repulsive. He wishes they would be banned. He also said, “Young children should not be forced to wear expensive jewelry, spray tanned, expensive dresses, grown-up hairstyles and tons of make-up.” I agree with Dr. Robin. These girls are being forced to even be in these pageants. It is known that when you watch them on television, the mothers of the contestants are even bigger brats then the girls! They complain and talk to their daughters with zero respect and say, “You are pathetic!” “You have to win this for me!” They are rude, and honestly, they are doing it for themselves. Dr. Robin stated that he wonders if beauty pageants are a form of abuse because of the force and the things they make these very young children do.
Beauty Pageant mothers, are ridiculous. One mom said on national television with a straight face, “I guess you would think we’re doing something wrong if you have an ugly child.” It just shows how stuck up, immature and insecure these moms are. A backseat writer named Amy, was interviewing the moms and daughters in the beauty pageants and has gotten some crazy comments back. Amy’s views on this whole matter, is that she doesn’t mind the beauty pageants but they value beauty above everything else. Their pretty much saying, “An ugly girl doesn’t have a shot at this at all.” Amy stated; “What troubles me, is that the beauty all seems so fake.” I agree with Amy, my personal opinion on this is, little girls are absolutely adorable. Why would you want to make them look like a mini Dolly Parton? Let them be kids that run around and play in the mud, not walking in heels like little supermodels. Amy said that she was watching an episode of Ashley and Brandi and one of the girl’s kept messing up on her dance routine, her mother of course had to “encourage” her by yelling, “you’re going to do it until you get it right!” The daughters really don’t care if they get first place or not, it’s the mothers who are frantic, primping and coaching their daughters to be “the best.”
My opinions on this whole matter of beauty pageants for young girls are; why not be your age? When I was a toddler I wasn’t on a runway dancing and looking thirty for an award. I was riding my tricycle around the block, getting muddy, and playing with my Barbie’s. All of these fake objects like, wigs, fake plastic teeth, spray tans, $1200 dresses that they only wear once. At the age of five, they don’t wear expensive mini prom dresses around town. The mothers of these girls are only in this for themselves only. They think their boosting their daughters confidence and making them feel pretty and the “the best.” But really, they’re just spoiling them and digging themselves a deep, dark, whole. One day when the girl’s are actually old enough to get a spray tan, their going to end up killing each other because they’re so spoiled and are used to getting what they want. Do they think they’re going to go through life living off their beauty? That’s impossible! If you’re one of those mothers of those adorable (not gorgeous) little girls, I suggest you say you’re sorry right now and stop being selfish. Think about the future for your daughter, instead of yourself.

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