Global Warming

May 7, 2010
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Global warming, some may ask, what is this topic that everyone stresses about so much? I have researched long on this subject, and although it was hard work-I learned some starting facts like, the distress of Global Warming, and why a lot of people think it could be true.

The theory was formed by Al Gore. But the theory itself is something that is known for the rush of panic. Now it has caused such an uprising in “going green.” Also the polar bears. At least that was what I thought before I took the time to research my topic to the roots of where it came from. The theory in a nutshell is that the scientists believe that the earth is heating up, causing melting of ice caps, playing with the weather, and long story short they believe that it will eventually create another ice age. Global warming…it’s so blank and naked if you look at it like that. Some think it must be the most boring topic ever. But when I got to the roots I found that it isn’t just boring but quite intriguing.
Now it’s up to your interpretation, do you believe that global warming is natural or man made. Because global warming refers back to the global average temperature. According to fact the temperature increased over the years. Most politicians wish to blame the human race for what’s happening to the ice caps, but from research I have dug up, I found that it looks like it is all natural. I think global warming isn’t that big of a deal, but others have other things to say about the matter, the most common response I found is that, Global warming is a huge deal because it’s what we are going to teach our children, and what the children are going to have to deal with. Also the little things matter too, Recycling can help so much.

Some side effects of global warming is the artic ice disappearing rapidly, so fast that it might have its first completely ice-free summer in the north and south poles by 2040 or even sooner if it keeps going at a fast rate. Glaciers and the mountain snows are also melting. For an example look at the Montana’s glacier national park, ice and snow are melting so fast that there are only 27 glaciers left out of the 150 that were there in 1910. Another item is that Coral reefs which are very sensitive to small changes in the temperature around them, are suffering from the intense bleaching that is occurring.
Myths and Facts are very hard to determine when there are so many different prospective being shown. I ended up finding some myths and facts that I found that were interesting, and might need to be cleared up for the common people. One myth, “The Science of global warming is uncertain to act on.” Stated by the environmental defense fund. Well the fact to that is that there is no debate among scientists that there are signs of global warming. Another Myth is, “Global warming is just part of the natural cycle. The artic has warmed up in the past.”
Well the truth to that is that global warming that is happening now to the earth is not natural. People are causing it. Or at least that’s what the science community wants us to believe. Some quick ways to help the earth whether is because of global warming or just to help the world healthy. Some quick tricks of the trade are, shorter showers, Planting trees, and recycling. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why should I take a shorter shower? I like my showers!” Or “Why should I waste my time on planting a tree anyway, isn’t that what the tree huggers like to do?” Well here’s your short answer, Cut your showers short, because there is only so much clean water in the world, and that cutting your showers just a little short will help the earth, whether you know that or not. And for trees, why not plant trees? They help the world by giving YOU oxygen. Which you need to stay alive, plus their really nice to look at.

I thought that most scientists believed that Global warming is real. Turns out when I started my research some didn’t think that it was. One day I stumbled upon a video on a bunch of scientists, trying to prove that Global warming Just doesn’t exist. Which I thought was amazing. They stated some cool facts about how basically almost half the human race doesn’t believe in Global warming and so on and so on. But then I also stumbled across article from NY daily news about a seven-month old girl who survived three days alone after one of her parents shot her in the chest, blaming the murder or suicide on global warming. The parents had shot themselves in the chest and also their two children. This is a very sad story to tell. Because what happens if Global warming isn’t real? Four people dead, for nothing.

Now that you have heard some short facts about Global warming and what it is, and some myths and facts, it’s up to you to determine, do you believe in global warming? Or is it just a hoax that is buying you into helping our world, which we all have to live in? I know I still don’t really believe in global warming, or Al Gore, but I’ going to try to plant more trees and possibly take shorter showers. You never know what an impact your making on the world till you change your ways.

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