God's Gift to Man

April 3, 2010
By Anonymous

The row of delicate pink petals pushed open overnight, brilliantly dressed and posed and every bit as beautiful as a stage of young ballerinas. The shy hedge leaves opened unsurely, uncertain that spring had really come. The leafy tendrils of the dark and mysterious creepers branched out, greedily grasping any hand-hold available and hoisting themselves skyward. Each individual blade of grass burst forth in unabashed green glory. The bridal blooms of the fruitless pear, and the robust red-bud blossoms fill the air with heavy bursts of colour. The dainty, delicate daisies admit their beauty to the otherwise symmetrical lawn. The wysteria's unmathcable scent fills the nostrils with mystical pleasure, her white and purple splendor falls gracefully to the grass. Daffodils, the golden delight of floral scripture,show their royally crowned heads, proudly exalted. Healthful herbs green the dark earth, a well balanced contrast. Growing things arrive to meet the eager senses, declaring God's certain majesty, his kindness,his gift to man.

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