To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild?

May 12, 2010
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Lunchtime. It is the favorite time of the school-day for the majority of students, as they are able to take a break from their hectic schedules to relax and enjoy the company of their peers. The best part of lunch for ******* High School students is the opportunity to go off campus to local eateries for their break. The predominant reason behind the students’ love of open campus hasn’t been determined, but a definite contributing factor is the lack of cafeteria space in the school itself. The 2010 school year is coming to a close, but the administration is already making plans for next year, and those plans include the complete renovation of the cafeteria.

The last time the *HS cafeteria was renovated was in 1997. Now, in 2010, appliances are outdated, the student population has drastically expanded, and it is impossible for every student in every lunch period to be seated. Due to the lack of seating space, many students are required to eat lunch at the early time of 9:30 AM. For those reasons the ******* Board of Education approved the cafeteria reconstruction unanimously, and if on May 18, the community passes the referendum, it will be passed on to the State Education department. If the plans are approved in Albany, the construction will begin in May 2011.

Mr. Pollack, the vice principal of the High School, is responsible for the cafeteria expansion and is enthralled with the possibility of creating a more open, “college-style food court,” complete with a wrap-around serving station, computer stations, outlets, and an uncovered terrace on which students can sit in the warmer weather. Some have argued that it is superfluous for the school to be putting our money towards this project, but these claims are incorrect because every school district is capable of storing up to $2 million per year in their Capital Reserve for capital projects and the like, so the money that would be put towards the cafeteria was designated for that type of expenditure.

The new design will be open and technologically advanced, with an internet bar and solar panels. It has been reported that although students will be able to charge their electronics with school outlets, the school’s electric bill will not increase because the solar panels will provide cheaper, environmentally-friendly energy, which will actually reduce the cost.

Even though some argue otherwise, Mr. Pollack himself has stated that under no circumstances will the campus be closed as a response to the cafeteria being renovated. Seeing as that was the major concern of the students and the concern has been alleviated, students and parents alike agree that there is virtually no reason not to expand and update ******* High School’s cafeteria.

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