Loneliness in teens

May 10, 2010
Loneliness is a feeling that everyone experiences every now and again, this feeling is brought on by isolation from everyone for one reason or another. This feeling though is more radically felt amongst teens and young adults because they are the group of people that are more readily separated from others, and have the need to be individuals but sometimes that need back fires, and people begin to feel uncertain about themselves and get the feeling of being lonely.
This loneliness can have dramatic effects on people’s lives for example the most popular person in school can experience loneliness because they feel like people are judging them and not in the good way. The lonely feeling is caused by feeling like you don’t belong with anyone even with a group of people around you at all times. Often times you would not expect a person to experience loneliness but there is a difference in being alone and feeling lonely, being alone is not having any one around you at that point in time, loneliness is a feeling that you can’t shake off because you experience it in a crowded place or alone. The reason that teens have more people that feel lonely is because that is the most diverse group of people on the face of this Earth, and the judgment of others affects the way people feel about themselves.
The isolation of people is caused by the differences in the world and some of it will not be socially accepted, but the way I see it is if people can’t be accepting then you don’t need them find people who love you for who you are. Loneliness can however go away if the person finds their own personal way to do it either by finding a friend that understands, or just someone who understands them.

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