Suddenly I see. I see all around me.

May 9, 2010
Enjoy the smile on my face, for it wont last that long. A single face , a single smile it simply should be real. Enjoy the laughs you hear round, for everyones is different. The stars in the skies the trees by my side, there are no others like it. The fireworks, the boats, the seagulls flying. The ability to soar is simply amazing. Our right to be free and open. The orthodontist or the words I've spoken. It all exists and it all is ours. Ours to have and hold till forever. Until we notice what really matters. Our uniquness and ability to be different. Everything we do and everything we change, we change by being. Each person counts as someone different. Someone to populate the earth with difference. It's because of those specail people that we have what we have and we are what we are. So much could be taken away but existance is the key. Imagination is the way. For these are the ways we come up with change. All the toys and animals. All created different. Big or small, short or tall, smart to dumb, slim to wide. Homeless to drunks. VIdeo games to tv's, tv's to actresses. What if that was all taken away. The abiliy of existance. It was all created somehow, off of God's right to lead us in the right direction. God makes everyone a someone and if we didnt have each other to be with everyone would be a no one.

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