Young Love

October 5, 2007
By Tabitha Holcombe, Greenville, SC

It is a feeling that you get when you really like a guy. I cannot believe every boy that has told me that they "love me" but on the side they of me they got some other girl they dined it when I the real love of his life found out about her. You feel as if you have been per traded and your heart has been ripped out and crushed in a million little pieces no one could never ever take the place of him or could ever put thoughts pieces back together. You also feel lost in a tunnel and no one can find you because you have been lost for about your whole life. You manly feel like you cannot trust or love anyone else not even your own self. Until one day you find that one guy that you fall in love with and makes you feel like you belong in this evil world that God has put us on. He loves you and takes care of you like no one ever has. The one and only way to find him is to learn how to trust him and let him in your life. From the first time I have loved a guy I have learned that I have to learn to love myself to be able to love anyone else. I have had a boyfriend’s since I was in the fourth grade. Now, I am going to the eight grade and I'm in love with a boy named Brian. He is my world and every thing else. He is my shoulders to cry on when I am sad or lost someone close to me.

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