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May 7, 2010
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Music and Arts are such a big part of my school. Recently we got information the some of the music and arts programs and teachers are being cut. So I decided to do some research about it. I think every school needs music and arts program because I it’s another way for kids to express themselves, whether it’s through a painting or a sculpture or whether it’s though an instrument. Some kids aren’t involved in sports and music and arts is in a way there sport.
A recent study from the Achievement Test Takers, The collage Board, complied by Music Educators National Conference on high school students said that students involved in music and art programs score higher ion SAT’s in verbal and math then their peers. In 2001, SAT takers with experience in music performances scored 57 points higher on the verbal portion of the test and 41 points higher on the students on students with no experience in the arts. A ten-year study from Dr. James Catterall from UCLA in 1997, tracking more then 25,000 students, shows that music-making improves test scores. They get higher marks on standardized tests such as SAT and ACT, but also in reading proficiency exams. I realize that most schools try to get students to like sports rather then music and arts.
Most schools support sports like raising money for teams and uniforms, other then raising money to get a new art room or new band instruments; you rarely ever hear about it. Schools should want kids to fit in with other activities, not try to get them placed in one spot. In 2003 a school from North Carolina cut all music and drama programs and only had one art class. So kids who didn’t play sports and were involved in those activities that were cut, had to find an alternative activities to be in. In that same year 67% of those kids in the North Carolina dropped out of the school because they didn’t have drama or music.
A study from the Education Foundation was shown that kids who are involved in more sports then in arts and music get lower grades. They state that “Kids need an equal amount of math, science, history, art classes and music classes, if they don’t kids will have varied grades. We try to encourage teachers and kids to be involved in some music and art classes because it enhances learning skills and study better study habits.” The Education Foundation has a clinic where teachers and principals can learn how the effects on music and arts have on kids. In 2005, more than 200 drama, art and music teachers were cut because the Association learners Program, also known as the A.L.P, thought that its wasn’t important enough to keep in public schools. An assistant principal from Tallahassee Florida Public Schools stated, “Students can find other things to do with there time other then trying to learn and instrument or paint a picture. Homework is more important these days then music and arts. We want students to be involved in mind and body activities.” What he means by mind and body is sports, math and science activities. I disagree with this statement, kids should be able to choose what activities they want to be in and that doesn’t have to include sports. Students shouldn’t be forced into anything they don’t feel like doing.
My opinion on this is, kids should do anything there heart desires. Even if it is football, a musical, band, baseball, what have you. When I’m in school I want to do whatever my skills are the best. For me, I am involved in school plays, band, choir speech and Tennis. That’s where my skills are best. When schools take away something that is extremely important, it’s like taking away a favorite toy from a little kid. Your taking away there hopes and dreams of becoming what they want to be. Like if it’s a writer, a painter or they want to be an actress when the grow up. Schools take those dreams and crush them in little tiny pieces. School board members need to wake up and look around at what wonderful people we have in this world. For instance Neil Young is one of the worlds most complex and most insanely good guitarists. In his school they had everything from private guitar lessons from five arts classes and school plays. If he didn’t have that he would have become an average Joe like a lot of us. He quotes “Kids need music and arts because it’s the balance that keeps the US afloat. Schools need to look around at what wonderful music and arts we have in this world. I would be no where with out it.”

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