Hannah Montana the fall

May 7, 2010
By , fairlawn, MA
Hannah: Goodnight everybody, I love you Cali.
Lily: Great concert girl you’re the best. Especially the last part when you…
Oliver: Give it a break Lily you seen her perform like a thousand time what you still have no self control… O my gosh there goes Lindsey Lohan!
Lily: And he’s talking bout me.
Hannah: Anyways I want to go to the beach tonight and look for Hottie Lamonty with the swimmers body. I got this really cute outfit.
Robby Ray: Hey bud the limo waiting outside, great show your mom would be so proud of you.
Hannah: Yeah I know... Is your son Jackson ready yet, why couldn’t you just dropped him off at a pet store somewhere?
Jackson: Please miss superstar I got a date tonight so you don’t have to worry about me in your stupid stretched limo.
Hannah: Okay let’s go.
(Enters the limo)
Lily: I’m so glad you told me you’re secret; I can’t image not knowing that you live two different lives.
Hannah: Well you’re my best friend what do you expect…
Paparazzi: Hannah let me get a picture of you?
Paparazzi: Hannah what is your biggest secret?
Hannah: I wish you’ll just give me a break!
(At the beach)
Hannah: Lily sometimes I wish I could just be a normal girl all the time. No more Hannah, no more cameras, and no more lies. Sometimes I feel like I live a big lie. People at school call me Miley and then I put on a wig and I’m Hannah Montana.
Lily: Don’t be like that your doing a good job now. Your fans love you.
Mercedes: Well, well, well little miss Hannah Montana your not who you seem to be huh?
Hannah: Little eavesdropper say what? Were you listening to our conversation?
Mercedes: I won’t listen I just happened to hear you, so you live a double life Miley. How could you do this to your fans? I looked up to you, I admired you and you’re just a fake.
Hannah: Please don’t tell anybody, I’m not a fake. I just hide my identity to live a normal life.
Lily: It’s a secret; she’s doing it for her safety.
Mercedes: To late the paparazzi is on the way I already sent your pictures in. I recorded the whole thing see it’s the best of both worlds.
Hannah: Lily what am I going to do.
Lily: Let me knock her out that should get her done.
Hannah: Let me call my dad.
Robby Ray: Hey bud what’s wrong.
Hannah: Some girl heard me and Lily talking about the Hannah thing. She told the publishers and called paparazzi and now everyone knows.
Robby: Honey come home I will fix this.
(At home)
Hannah: So what’s the plan?
Lily: I say we all just run away.
Robby: The newspaper is already writing a spread on it, it hasn’t even been thirty minutes yet and everybody knows.
Hannah: I know my phone won’t stop ringing.
Robby: I already set up an appointment with Wendy from Waking up its Wendy Show. She agrees to it so tomorrow morning you will be there.
Hannah: Thanks dad you’re the best.
(At the show)
Wendy: This is a very tragic show today we have Hannah Montana if that’s even her real name on the show. I’m not going to speak I just want her to say how she feel and tell the truth.
Hannah: Thanks Wendy… I only lived to lives because the paparazzi don’t give me a break. When you’re famous all the time you don’t make friends or go to school like a normal girl. You don’t have family time and you don’t do what you want to do. I’m only sixteen and I have no privacy. I live up to my commitment to my fans but sometimes I need a break. I have seen teen celebrities being beat down by the fame, change over money, and forget about reality. So whether you all still like me or not it doesn’t matter I’m not going to change.
Fans: Hannah Hannah Hannah Hannah Hannah
Wendy: That was a spoken word. Well you heard it from Hannah herself.
(Hannah leaves the stage)
Robby Ray: Great job Bud, I’m so proud of you.
Jackson: For an annoying little sister you’re smart and I love you.
Lily: Great job.
Oliver: Wow so what are you going to do now?
Hannah: Be myself and show them the other side of me.

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