The Key to Enlightenment

April 29, 2010
By Anonymous

"Get Some." a contoversial, philosophical saying or motto that only few enlightened beings upon this earth can ever fully comprehend. Such a simple, yet somehow unbearably complex phrase. For many, it is a way of life. But do they really understand its power? its meaning? As mere mortals, we know not the total impact of these sacred words. Some spend lifetimes contemplating, praying, meditating, hoping that the secret will be revealed, that the unyielding ocean of truth will splash just a drop of its brine into their mental or spiritual cups. But one must not only seek truth. One must also forget truth. Forget life, forget themselves, forget all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual facts and ideas. One must melt into the universe, become one with nothing and everything. One must sieze life furiously while ceasing to exist. Perfect order balanced with complete chaos. Enlightenment is not a bowl of Ramen noodle soup, which is prepared with water and cooked easily to satisfaction within minutes. No, enlightenment is a multi-tiered cake, special-ordered and flowing with intricate design as well as taste. The ingredients are simple enough, but putting them together properly takes time, energy,faith, and focus. We may never know the full, unbridled strength of "Get Some", but as long as there are legends, as long as it exists, we will seek an answer vigilantly and without rest. We will continue baking this cake with ardor, unsure of its completion, unsure of our future. Only when we understand "Get Some," will we be enlightened.

“Get Some” is more often stumbled upon than searched for. It glows elusively just beyond our reach. While its golden rays sometimes grace us with a small beam of light, more often than not it never quite finds its way to us. And sometimes, when it does, we are unprepared, and, prolonged exposure, without mental sunscreen,( as with the sun) ultimately leads to cancer. But without this goal, how do we thrive? Lost is purpose. Gone is the will to remain in motion. It is the energy behind our resilience, the motivation that drives our feet through air and asphalt. It is the sturdy cone that holds up the slowly melting ice cream scoop of our sanity. It is the reward of patience and agony. And, through this suffering of sorts, the end to our journey is made worthwhile, perhaps even obsolete. Because the suffering is also the rejoicing. The tears are also the laughter. Each moment of pain is a blessing in disguise, a powerful step up toward the throne of enlightenment that waits for us, gleaming, when we have proven ourselves worthy. “Get Some” is life. It is art, It is everything and everyone. Nothing, and no one. A mystic yet precise force powerful beyond even that of the Jedi. It is the moment you have crushed “the wall” to a pile of dust and rubble, it is the second before you realize you’re going to succeed. It is an hour after you eat 5 Mcdoubles and can go swimming. Perhaps “Get Some” is actually within ourselves. Perhaps it is each point in time when we feel truly alive, whatever that means.(Sidenote-Merriam Webster defines alive as: marked by alertness, energy, or briskness ). We are alive. But are we enlightened? The answer to that sanctimonious question undoubtedly lies in the two words we so often cast aside-“Get Some.”

As the carriers of "Get Some" it is our sacred duty to protect the words within our hearts and minds. We must be unwavering in our faith, and when we stumble, we must scrape the mud from their coruscating surface before we can completely fall and leave enlightenment behind. Believe in the power. Be the power. and live as the blessed messengers we have come to be through this all-encompassing battlecry. We will stand in awe as these mighty words sprinkle the track with a perspiration that douses us all with the sweet stench of enlightenment. And this enlightenment will be so great that everywhere we go it will invade the nostrils of passersby so that all may recognize who we are. What we do. We are Runners, We are Chosen, and we will GET SOME.

Enlightenment isn’t easily obtained. But is anything worth obtaining easy? “Get Some” isn’t something to be torn apart through analysis and interpretation, but neither should it be left to rot among our past like a forgotten plate of lasagna in the back of the refrigerator of time, growing molds such as Alternaria, Aspergillus, Botrytis, Cladosporium, Fusarium, Geotrichum, Monilia, Manoscus, Mortierella, Mucor, Neurospora, Oidium, Oosproa, Penicillium, Rhizopus and Thamnidium, which have the potential to create respiratory problems and “mycotoxins”. We must keep this phrase alive at all costs, treasuring its ultimate power and divine light, though we may not comprehend its total importance in our individual lives. It isn’t something to be aimlessly questioned and ridiculed as a product of imagination or delusion. Believe. Because as long as we live with this belief in our hearts, “Get Some” also lives, along with a chance at Enlightenment, when it has been rightfully earned. Those who doubt, those whose mockery casts a shadow of shame upon us, will drown in a pool of their own ignorance, will be dried as worms upon the sidewalks of regret, will be chopped and tossed into the salad of penitence! But those of us who choose to live a life of prosperity and dedication to Enlightenment will be immortalized through the words that transcend all of Time and Reality: “Get Some.”

As with all things, enlightenment requires time. It requires wisdom and patience beyond our years. It is timeless, and we must face our mortality. We must reach this completion of ourselves before our time runs out. Or we can outrun time. We can fight that ticking bear with the samurai sword that comes with the miles. That follows the work, the sweat. That is given to the few, the Enlightened. That is the reward of the Runner. The ability to rob Time of itself. The opportunity to create something beyond ourselves, for each other, in simple movement. Waste not this privelege. Run not as the frightened, meek rabbit from the wolf. Rather, be the wolf. Bare your fangs. Fly across the trodden earth as the warriors that we have allowed ourselves to become. Race. Run. Most Importantly, Get Some.

Time will pass. People will change. Lives lost. Knowledge gained. Remember, children, our message remains. As sure as the leaves will fall, as incontestable as Mc will be Donald's, it remains. A flickering porch light before a world full of moths. Few find their place upon that bulb, few can brave the highest voltage, the most intense heat. These warriors are we. Clinging blindly to the glass as our brethren are fried upon the same surface. We take on new life within this crystal orb, a life of meaning. Constantly glowing from a step above. Once enlightenment is spread across our skin, its hold unbreaking, we are free. We are one. And no matter how the world changes, where it moves our feet, who it throws in our path, or if it gives us bad weather, we will always be that. Together.
Brothers, sisters, I say unto ye: "Get Some."

"Get Some" is a phrase that states simply and quickly our courage. It slides off one's tongue like butter off of hot toast, its thick vowels and consonants mingling in our throats and then, slipping from our lips with a gleam in our eye. Two beautiful words to create a symphony to the ears of the world. Ears that are torn by the harshness of humanity, and rebuilt, stronger in the name of justice, in the name of all that is right and free, in the name of "Get Some".

Do you think our ancestors ever sat and thought," you know, maybe I won't go out and run down a woolly mammoth today" ? Is there any inkling in your mind that tells you that just maybe Forrest should have just sat there? This is the kind of thinking that kills off our kind. What we do is not a game. It is not a choice. It is a way of life. One that we embrace wholeheartedly, so much so that we could never detach ourselves from it, no matter how hard we tried. No matter how hard others would pry with their crowbars of doubt and suspicion. This life is permanently implanted inside of us. We have let it grow and spread until we can no longer separate ourselves from that energy. We can no longer still our legs, we can no longer quiet the voices. They whisper to us softly, firmly. And our ears no longer strain to hear their sound, the chorus of their words above the beating of our hearts....."Get Some".

What do you all have? You have feet. You have the call of the unknown reverberating from within your bones. Step out and up and smile at your destiny, your great fate. Our Great Fate. It is today. It is today that We fight the nightmares and embrace the night. It is today that the earth rises to greet us, that the wind waits to welcome us beneath immortal sky. What binds you to the clock? The ticking will always continue, and there will never be another NOW. GO NOW. GET SOME.

We are what we are from the very beginning. Baptized in the sweat of the body and the earth. Confirmed by our secret whispers to everything we are and need. Partaking daily in the communion of dirt and air, we smile and we know. And we guard this knowledge as a most dangerous weapon, not shielded from others, but careully kept from those who seek to harm its name and its doctrine. We do not ask that you jettison your singularity and your humanity. We do not ask that you worship, we do not pray for your soul. We do not seek you as an example of piety or pride, as a guide, as a follower. We ask only that you exist in the most acute sense, if you so choose. And we ask of you the one thing that we can ask, the one thing that unites us in its beauty that we do not have to ask.Follow your instincts if you wish. Follow your mind, your soul, your heart. Any of these will lead you to the same conclusion. Go ahead. GET SOME.

We return, again and again, stumbling or smiling or unsure. We relace the strings of certainty, tugging the life through our veins and knotting it, at least for awhile. And when it courses through us, when it cleanses our bodies with adrenaline, we are as pure as double brita-filtered water. We are as free as Saturday samples at the supermarket, but you can take more than one. Move forward. Join the building of mind and muscle, share in the Time Race. Call on every part of you to soak in the refulgence of GET SOME.

The author's comments:
This is a rambling explanation of why my distance team's motto is "Get Some".

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