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April 29, 2010
By Alex Hall BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
Alex Hall BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
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In the world of biotechnology, something huge has happened. What could prove to be one of the biggest discoveries of the modern era. This article goes on to explain that they are at least one step closer to finding a treatment to Alzheimer’s Disease(AD). It goes on to explain that if this is true then it might be possible to use this same treatment for other chronic neurological disorders. Another disease that would fall into this category would be Parkinson’s disease.

One of the characteristics that are different about this drug rather than ones that had come before it are that it isn’t trying to improve the same thing that everyone else has been trying to do. It found a different possible solution and is working towards that goal. The goal I am talking about is of course the reduce or eliminate beta-amyloid creation and possible plaque buildup. They have introduced Metal Protein Attenuating Compounds (MPACs) t o reduce or eliminate the relationship with naturally occuring metals in the body, such as copper. This relationship begins with the proteins interacting with the natural metals, after that happens oxidation occurs. After that step is complete the final step is plaque builidup leading to the release of hydrogen pyroxide which leads to cell damage and cell loss.

This discovery is so important to the world in general not just the likes of the science world, because people everywhere are affected by these two brain diseases. If we could find a way to stop it, most everyone would be happier, no one would lose their father, even though he is still alive just not “ All together”. Furthermore, this research could lead to others’ research that could find some kind of cure to some other terrible disease. That is the thing with biotechnology one man’s discovery is another man’s inquiry.

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