A.B.R's Composure

April 28, 2010
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My school life is full of stress and is very overwhelming. The song, “Composure” in the album Messengers by August Burns Red can relate to me very well. I have an extremely busy schedule and I get a lot of “mental scars” (meaning if I mess up on something, like grades, it sticks with me and I fear doing that again, partially because I’m a perfectionist.) This song is very close to me and my life.

As I have said, my life is very stressful and, one of the lines in the melody is, “life can be overwhelming.” Obviously, this fits my kind of picture. Another lyric is, “Wave goodbye to the past, you got your whole life to lead.” This comes back to the “mental scars.” I usually hang on to the things I do, but I just have to learn to let them go and live in the present. Also, another quote according to “life can be overwhelming”, I put, “It’s pulling you under.” I get very concerned about things, especially when it comes to grades. If I don’t meet or exceeded certain goals, I get pulled down, feeling miserable.

“Composure” is a great track; this music in it is even better with its awesome riffs and drumming. The song is very close to me and I hold it dear. The lyrics are awesome and the make lots of sense unlike most other songs. August Burns Red made a extraordinary song and in my opinion, A.B.R is a band that is serious competition in the music industry.

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Jeffreythedrummer said...
Oct. 31, 2011 at 3:07 pm
Dawg I love ABR. Dude I can play Composure on drums
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