The Nothing

April 27, 2010
She crys all night and no one comes. No hugs no love no comfort. She is the nothing. No one sees her or hears her. She is living in a world where she is invisable. She fills the emptey space yet her presense is never recognized or missed. No one sees her crying tears of rejected sadness. No one hears her sobbs as her heart slowly breaks. She waers a mask that hides her pain. It hides the death behind the eyes that bleed the tears. It hides the heart of shattered glass, yet if you look deep enough into her eyes you see the pain and longing. No acts and keeps on suffering silently as people belive the phony lies. She longs to be free and filled with purpose but she doesnt know how to get ask for the help she needs. SHe has never asked for help before. Before she knew the answers to every question she knew. What happens when you run out of answers? Filled with fear and hate she became the nothing she is today. She hates and crys and hates and crys. No one knows and no one sees. She is invisable. She is the nothing.

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