April 27, 2010
By dpez96 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
dpez96 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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I was coming home from my friend’s house when I heard the terrible news. My mom was on the phone, my dad was sitting at the kitchen table looking disappointed. I couldn’t tell what my brother’s reaction was, but I knew it was something I couldn’t take listening to.

I grew up with that dog, we would run and play together. He was like a best friend to me. I was only four years old when my dad brought him home. He had a white coat, as white as the snow. I remember my dad bringing him home as a surprise. I was so excited it was like meeting a celebrity. I recall holding him and seeing him shake with the fear. We named him Snow. The next couple of days Snow was just starting to settle in and get used to living at his new home. One day I took Snow upstairs to my room before bedtime. I pulled out a soft towel and laid it on the ground then, he fell asleep. I hadn’t realized my parents were looking crazily for him. They thought he had run away. In the morning my mom came to tell me the news that Snow had run away. She started laughing because he was sitting there waiting for someone to open the door.


When I was about eight we took Snow to Cancun. My family and I went to a beach and Snow was in the back of the car. When we opened the car door he almost jumped out because of how excited he was. Snow started running so fast I don’t think his feet ever touched the ground. What was he running to? Snow was running towards the water. We freaked out because we thought he was going in the water, but he wasn’t. Snow only ran along the side of the beach feeling every step of the way as he ran with the wind.


Now that I look back at all this, it makes me want to cry. I found out that Snow is diagnosed with diabetes and has to be put to sleep over the summer. I knew something wasn’t right with Snow. He drastically changed last year, and he will never know how much he affected the family when he leaves.

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