Slow Down

April 27, 2010
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“Wee” I screeched while zooming down the long concrete hill. I was testing out my brand new scooter that I had gotten for my 5th birthday. The wind was blowing my short blonde hair skewed upon my face. As I turned my head I noticed that the neighborhood was full of life, especially the blooming flowers and the trees that were painted with buds. My sisters and I were on an expedition to the local park a couple blocks away. We gathered a cluster of our friends and headed out.
The scooter was wobbly beneath my feet as I zoomed past everyone. I was determined to become excellent at riding it. As I whipped around the corner merely 50 feet away was the glistening bright green park standing strong on the musty wood chips. I could barley hold in my excitement. I quickly stood up straight and began to push myself faster, and faster, and faster. I could faintly hear my sister screaming, “Clare slow down you’re going to fast!” The scooter began to eat up the rest of the side walk as I became closer to the bottom. Not thinking, I jerked my head around to see my sister at the top of the hill waving her hands to stop. Just then the scooter came to an abrupt stop, but I didn’t. I soared through the air then suddenly smacking my head on the concrete. Lying there motionless as I began to howl in pain. I grasped my head holding on to it, in hopes of stopping the sharp pain. It felt like my face was on fire. I could hear the loud slapping steps of my sisters flip flops coming closer to me.
The next thing I knew she was scooping me up into her arms and sprinting back up the hill. The blood was now trickling down my face into my eyes making my vision blurred. I slowly lifted my arm to my face noticing all of the cuts scribbled upon it. My house was only a few blocks away, the pain was now unbearable. My neighbor noticed my sister juggling me in her arms and the fiery red blood masking my face. She instantly knew we needed help and sprinted inside her house. A few seconds later she was rubbing my face with a damp towel. The strong stinging sensation on my face made me wince. In a matter of seconds the pain was melting away, I almost forget that it was there. From that day on, I’ve always worn my helmet and other gear so that I will never have to relive that horrific experience.

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