May 2, 2010
By , Marrero, LA
We were at our annual Crawfish boil about to get on the Ring of Fire... And She asks me "Sit in the front with me." Apparently she doesn't know me well, I can't get in the front, ever, I'm way to scared, and I don't care. " No, I don't want to." And then she just flat out says in front of everyone (and a cute guy) "Oh come on, your such a b*tch!" "Good Hope I am" I acted like it was nothing then, but i felt hurt. " OMG, Your such a b*cthy baby!" and she came to sit by me in the middle."

Later that day (still at the festival) she went to get Snow cones and asked me why I wasn't getting one, I told her it had to much syrup in it for me And shes like " THanks Alot, GOSH! Why do you have to put me down?!" I didn't say anything wrong! "I didn't put you down, its just an opiion!, And when I tell that to my siblings they dont care!" And this part hurt me so much.. more than anything she said to me that day " Well haven't you noticed they're a bit thinner that you?!"

I ignored her for the rest of the day. SHe got mad at school and told everyone that I was lying, so half of my friends or frenemeys come and spy on my friends that believe me. All the mean cheerleaders know... Its horrible

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