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May 1, 2010
By , Springfield, MA
As i walk the halls of Chesnut i see students gossiping or talking about some game that was on last night. I see two best friends having a deep conversation about something that is important. I see a girl with ponytails chasing down a short chubby kid down the halls. I see a tall dark kid who is always having a basketball in his hands and when someone brings up basketball, all you hear is him debating who's best at basketball or who's 'wack.'Then i step into the rooms of Chesnut and i see a women with blond curly hair who is in love with golf and who's family is her life. I see five students sitting down and is eating doritos and twizzlers at eight in the morning. Talk about weirdness. I also see a girl who is in love with Jacob Latuner and i see a girl who can make anyone laugh and turns everything into a joke. I see a young man who can make a rap out of everything and i see another student who is focused and dedicated to her work but she'll take a break when she can. Then i step into another classroom of Chesnut and i see a strong women who doesn't take anything from anyone and who'll tell you how it is. I also see her doing something big and something that'll change alot of people lives. I see a young girl who is crazy but she'll buckle down and do her work. I see a unique student who loves to draw,rap & sing but when it comes down to it she'll do her work and focus. Then i go into another class and see a red-head teacher who loves to teach and she focuses on her work. I see a crazy but funny student who talks about the weirdest things and sometimes scary things but she'll tell you to be quiet so she can do her work. I walk into another classroom and see a stressed but hilarious teacher who wants his students to suceed in life. He loves to talk about weird things but he'll make everyone write noes and he'll make sure his students get a good education. Then i see a brown-head women who'll be there for her students when they need her. I see Chesnut teachers and staff dedicated to their work and students and i see students being wild and crazy but they'll work hard. I see Chesnut being a great school. Even with Chesnut having problems, Chestnut is Chesnut and that's all they're is to it!?

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