Chuck Norris

April 30, 2010
By Dylan Campbell BRONZE, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Dylan Campbell BRONZE, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
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Are you interested in reading the biography of the roughest, toughest, and buffest person ever? Ever wanted to know about Chuck Norris’s life?
Chuck Norris has a very interesting life. He was born March 10, 1940 in Ryan, Oklahoma. His parents are Wilma Scarberry and Ray Norris. He has two brothers, their names are Wieland and Aaron.
During his childhood he was Non athletic and shy, which is surprising because he is considered one of the toughest guys around today. He joined the U.S. airforce as an air policeman in 1958 and was sent to Osan air base in South Korea. His real name was Carlos Ray Norris. While he was in South Korea he acquired the nickname Chuck and began training in Tang Soo Do, a martial art.
He retired with a karate record of 183-10-2. He starred in a bunch of films including The Delta Force, Code of Science, and The Octagon. Another show he starred in was Walker, Texas Ranger. In 2005 he founded the WCL (world combat league). He married a girl named Dianne Holechek.
He is a republican and he supports gun rights and ownership. He created his own martial called Chun Kuk Do. In late 2005 Norris became the object of an internet phenomenon known as “Chuck Norris facts”, which document fictional, ofte0n absurd feats and characteristics about Chuck Norris.
I learned that Chuck Norris is the roughest, toughest, and buffest man in the entire world. Also, I learned that he was in the army which is surprising because I didn’t know that.

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