I will always be there

April 30, 2010
The pain from crying was still stained in my chest, I wanted to yell at her so bad to tell her how I felt and how much I was hurting, but before I got a chance she started to cry. So I sealed all my anger and lend her a shoulder to cry on, I asked her what was wrong and I was shocked by her answer… she was in love with someone else. That just added another log into the fire in my belly, I grasped her shoulders trying so hard not to yell at her, then she told me that she was sorry for the pain she was bringing to me, it was like she knew I was mad at her, and that put the fire out. Instead I felt sad and stupid because for the way I was going to talk to her.

Telling me she loved someone else, made my chest cave in and it hurt to breath, I found myself crying harder then she was, because I loved her and I still do. Still grasping her shoulders, I looked in her eyes and told her straight from the bottom of my heart, “I will always be there for you, no matter what choice you make. Just promise me this, make the choice you think is right, and makes you feel comfortable.” Then I hugged her tightly and wiped the tears from her face with my sleeves, telling her how I feel for her. Butterflies race through my body with every word that came out of my mouth, she nodded like she understood but she had no idea what she put me through, but I still loved her even to this day.

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