community service award

April 30, 2010
By Anonymous

I arrived at the University of Caroline Methodist church on the first day; by the looks of the people I could already tell this is going to be fun. I am quickly assigned a certain position for the week. My job is to work with arts and crafts for all the kindergarten groups at the church’s camp (camp also recognized as vacation bible school). I soon start to enjoy the camp and all of its volunteers. Then before I know it the day is over and what do you know, I completed three hours of volunteering while having fun at the same time too. Then the next few days go by and soon the week is over and I have completed fifteen hours of volunteering! Then soon after I start to reflect on my volunteering and how I had made a difference and how I felt and everyone else felt too. I feel like I actually did something for a change. Which is very surprising for me because I am usually one of those boys who just stay at home all weekend and just sit on the couch and play video games, Xbox 360 in particular. But like I said for once I actually did something, and it felt good too. It felt like I made the camp a little bit easier by giving a helping hand and including myself as one of the junior counselors (that’s what they call you there). Imagine if I didn’t go, it might have been a little bit tougher on the volunteers who were also helping out in arts and crafts, and the kids might have not had as much fun as they should of too. I feel proud of myself for contributing to the camp; it was an honor to help out my community and its neighbors as well.

Another source of volunteering I just so happen to do is helping out with chores around the house. Which most average every day kids would probably have a problem with and let there parents do it while they play video games or talk on the phone to their friends, making it seem like what their doing is way more important. But in this case I did it as an act of volunteering and at the same time making my parents lives, my mom in particular, easier by taking the duty of some of the chores they do on the weekend. I did chores like washing the dishes, cleaning my room, my mom’s room, sweeping my room and my mom’s room, sweeping the porch, and the patio, folding the laundry, and cleaning the mirrors, oh and also making my bed, but that is something I do on a regular basis so I don’t really count that as a chore in my eyes. After I was done with all of the chores, by the look on my mom’s eyes, I could tell that she was satisfied and happy I lended a helping hand and which by the way let her finish the rest of her chores quicker then she usually does on most weekends. I also felt like I helped out in some way and made someone’s life easier, which also made me feel good inside at the same time. I am just glad I was able to help out my community and my own family when I was volunteering for community service hours!

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