Claudia This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

     There she rests, basking in the sun in all her glory. You can see all her shades and shimmers. From the green and red to the purple and blue, she creates an optical illusion depending on the light. This light is perfect. Each speckle glimmers with its own personality, the way a star twinkles and a planet shines. She winks at me, giving the go-ahead. I grab the door handle and slip inside. I am a perfect fit; she embraces me the way the ocean embraces lost sailors. I buckle up; this could get a little bumpy.

I slide in the key and she purrs with delight as the engine roars. Eighties rap music blasts from all six speakers, making sure the world knows that I am flying the West Coast; I put her into drive and jet off. The wind rips through her, but the tornado-like noise falls upon deaf ears because of the music.

The air chills as we crest the hill and I can smell the creek by the road over the new car smell. Febreeze Auto can really create that “new car smell.” I am glad I cleaned her; she usually smells funny because I leave half my wardrobe inside.

She tells me she is hungry, her gauge reading just a touch above R. I understand the odometer, white with fluorescent orange needles. The speed ranges from zero to 140. To the right is the RPMs, which range from zero to nine. Then it gets weird. Positioned on the far left, the engine heat and gas gauge. The heat does not have numbers. The gas on the other hand has an F for full and then an R. I still am unsure of what the R stands for. Maybe it is refill?

The creek road is one of our favorites. She grips the corner and the breeze violently flows over my skin. The vibration from the bass keeps the seat bumping. The sun warms my skin, undoing what the wind does. Gaining speed now, I wonder if she likes to go fast, but all that matters is that we are getting along, seeing each other for what we are. I see her as my loyal companion. My Claudia, full of mystery and speed.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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i love this !
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