April 7, 2010
In my life, theres alot of ex boyfriends. My life revolves around having a boyfriend. My parents get mad at me, and as well as my sister, for always feeling like i need a boyfriend. But there is one guy who they know is here for me. His name is Tyler.
Tyler is one of my ex boyfriends. One of my favorite boyfriends. He was my first kiss and my first love. Hes a year older than me, and we dont go to the same school.
The way I met Tyler, was a weird way. I as with my friend, Mikayla, and we were doing a play for our drama teacher. She was on the phone with her boyfriend, and she gave the phone to me. She said "Its Tyler" And from there, it was amazing. We talked for awhile, and obviously got some chemistry.
We lasted 3 months before out first break up. It felt like my heart got ripped out of my body when he broke up with me, like the world just ended. But later on, down the road, He asked me to be his girlfriend again, and of coarse i said yes!
We broke up and got together alot of times, except the last time we broke up, we stoped talking. I seriously couldnt take it. He said he missed me, and he loves me, but he also gave me some bad news. He said "I have a new girlfriend"..
I didn't know how to react to that, so i just cried. I love Tyler. I didn't want him to have a new girlfriend. I wasnt to be his girlfriend. I felt like I was being replaced.
So now, me and Tyler are bestfriends. i wish we were still together; and i wish we still had a thing for eachother, but turns out, that everything can't go the way I want it to.

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