"A Touch of Winter"

October 2, 2007
By Meaghan Ingram, Mattapoisett, MA

Winter is a season of feelings.

There’s the pitter-patter of snow as it lands on my coat, making a cold blanket across my shoulders. There’s the feeling of being weighed down by mounds of blankets, the feeling of the warm fire on my face the cold air at my back. There’s the feeling of a scalded tongue, and a burned finger. There’s the bite of frigid winds, and the damp warmth of seeing my own breath.

There’s the soft, muted silence that fills a place when snow comes. There’s the cling of snow-wet clothes, and the deep chill that crawls into your bones and never comes out.

And finally, there’s the first warm day at the end of March where you can feel the sunshine and know it’s spring.

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