October 1, 2007
By Zoe Yabrove, Denver, CO

I was only a year and half old when my parents divorced, how would it have really changed me? I don’t even remember my parents together because I was so young, how would it affect me? Life as I know it is two houses, two bed rooms, two lives. It was easy being a naïve little kid; I thought it was the coolest thing having two birthdays. Yes, more presents! Things change, times change, people change.

My parents are different. My dad is the problem solver, whether it is a fight with a friend or a math problem I can’t figure out. My mom is my comfort zone. I can go to her about anything and everything. Imagine them together… unstoppable. I don’t have that; the salt is missing the pepper. I have a lamp without a light bulb, a fireplace without the wood, and an ipod without headphones.

I always think it is funny when people are surprised that my parents are divorced; they imagine that I would be a troubled youth. That’s not the story. Having two households has made me more responsible. I have to remember to bring important things to each house. I am more independent because both of my parents don’t live in the same house; there might not always be one available. I am a stronger person because my parents are divorced. I have different and sometimes more difficult choices to make than kids whose parents aren’t divorced. I am very sensitive to people’s feelings because some of the choices I make could hurt one of my parents. It’s also made me more open to new people in my life because of my step-parents. Even though my lamp doesn’t have a light bulb, I can always use a flashlight. My salt may be missing its pepper, but I’ve got a whole lot of other seasonings in my life.

When I go to a friend’s house and both of their parents are living there, I feel somewhat inferior, but I also feel strong because I have had as good a life as anyone, with two houses, two rooms, and two lives. I am sensitive, responsible, tough, and independent. This, I believe, is because of my parents divorce.

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