October 1, 2007
If I could live anywhere in the word, it would probably be in the Plaza Hotel in New York City. I’ve wanted to go there many times before, because it’s so beautiful. The first time I ever saw the Plaza was in the movie Eloise. From watching, I had an urge to go there.
So during winter break, my mom and dad took me there as a surprise. It was the most wonderful hotel I’ve ever seen. After we went around and saw the hotel, my whole family and my friends, Jenna, Ilana, and Danni went to see the Broadway show Mama Mia. It was the best Broadway show I’ve seen.
After it was over, I thought we were going home, but my mom and dad had another surprise up their sleeves. We were very tired, and my friends and I fell asleep. Then my mom woke us up and said, “Were here,” I assumed we were home, because we were all supposed to sleep at my house that night. But, I woke up and we were back at the Plaza. I was so astonished I could barely speak. We walked inside and checked in. We got upstairs to the room and it was gorgeous. We had such a fun night and I would do it again in a second but unfortunately, the Plaza is being reconstructed.
This was a once in a lifetime experience and I’m so grateful that I went. For days I couldn’t stop thanking my family for doing this for me, and all they would say was, “Amanda, you deserved it.” Now this is why the Plaza is the best place to live.

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