The Outdoors: To Love or Not to Love

April 15, 2010
By Anonymous

When some people think of the outdoors, they think of positive things. Others think of the negatives. Everyone can choose to have either an overall positive or negative view of the outdoors.

There are some things about the outdoors that people on the negative side enjoy. These things could include sports or camping. Like me, some people do not enjoy sports, so it is seen as a negative, while it is seen as a positive by those who enjoy sports. Camping is enjoyable for those who like being a part of the outdoors. Others may see it as getting up early in the morning, fighting off bugs, and sleeping on dirt instead of a nice, cozy bed.

People’s view of the outdoors can change from day to day depending on the weather. One day, a person is positive, for it is a beautiful, sunny day. On a rainy day, some people can be negative because of the bad weather.

There are things in the outdoors that affect a person’s view such as the animals, scenery where a person lives, working outside, and the activities available.

Whether a person has a positive or negative view, there is still an entire world to discover the things which he or she likes about the outdoors. Deciding which side to be on is up to everyone to decide for themselves.

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