September 26, 2007
Before I actually wrote this particular sentence, the one you are reading right now and wondering when it is going to become long enough to fit in the dreaded category of a run-on, I stared at my laptop for a long time. Though you may be thinking, “Well this sounds interesting,” in your overused sarcastic tone, just read a little further.
For some reason I just felt like writing a few minutes ago, so I opened up Microsoft Word as usual. But then I realized that I didn’t have much to write.
Hoping to find some inspiration, I skimmed over a few titles of stories and essays on Teen Ink’s website. The words “society” and “heart” turned up enough to make my stomach turn.
Maybe I’m not the typical writer, or maybe I’m just like every other writer in the world, but I think it is time to put a stop to this problem. The problem I speak of is the lack of creativity in modern writing.
For some reason, we classify people who write about the bleakness of the world and the stupidity of teenagers (while wearing pink peace shirts and thinking about rebellion against their school which they apparently consider a cage) as artistic souls. I believe that this is because we are trying to find a euphemism for “disturbed.”
Why does everything kids do these days, like forgetting that their duty is to save the planet from its impeding doom, have to be played up as some kind of tragic crisis?
Have you ever heard the phrase, “live, laugh, love?” You probably have, since it is often worn in shirt form by the previously described artistic souls. Well, whatever happened to that phrase? Is it just forgotten now? Apparently now, instead of living, we are required to save the world, instead of laughing, we are supposed to mull over the problems in our society, and instead of loving, we are to read about someone else’s romantic endeavors. That doesn’t sound very fun, does it?
Although I would love to claim that I am a completely carefree person who acts on impulse and enjoys every moment of my beautiful life, I must admit that that is not entirely true. I couldn’t be writing this essay about the problems in modern writing if I didn’t think that there were problems in the world. And trust me, I have caught myself grieving for victims of the genocide in Darfur and worrying about the effects of global warming once in a while. I don’t take much pride in that fact.
Please do not think that I am a heartless monster. I simply wish to point out the fact that instead of writing or reading about the depressing issues in our world, you should slow down and take a few minutes to enjoy your teen years. No one is angry with you for not changing society.
I don’t see anything wrong with overeating and watching brain-deadening TV shows while you still can. I’m proud of my ability to quote every Simpson's line ever written. I’m perfectly happy gossiping and talking about stupid teenage boys and giggling with my friends. It’s not a crime, as far as I know.
If I can leave you with one point, let it be this: Leave the worries for your thoughtful twenties, and stupidly enjoy the stupid years of your stupid teens.

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