High school.

September 26, 2007
High school. The first week rocks. The second totally reeks. Then comes homecoming. This was going to be one tough year.
"We have finally arrived."
"It is about time!"
The first day was filled with the regular rules and regulations. Then you go to lunch. Now let me tell you about lunch. It rocks!! I never knew there was so many people in our small town. At this point, i thought i knew high school was amazing. Bot, was i wrong.
The second week already? How fast that went. But something not so exciting happened. The teachers; so strict. The work; so hard i could pull my little hairs out. How boring was this. I don't want to be in high school anymore.
A couple weeks went by, the same stuff. Then it happened. The most exciting thing that could happen in your freshmen year. Homecoming. Do I need to repeat myself? I said HOMECOMING. In our small town its everything and more. We still have to do work; but not as much. Finally it is game day. Everyone goes all out. All you see is orange and black!
Everyone is in it. Sadly, the week is over.
So far, school has went from exciting, to boring, and back to exciting. And Christmas hasn't even happened yet. I am just so curious to see how the next week will be.

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