Love of Film

September 25, 2007
By Jared Norman, Grand Junction, CO

What we all want to find is that one true aspiration. Our “life calling” is what we strive to find as human beings. It is the base on which we build our life’s work. Our career is an example of what could be affected by having a specific aspiration. All of my life I wanted to be a filmmaker. Film is an outlet where I can be artistic, display my opinions, and express myself freely.

There was never a time when I did not want to become an artist. However, I quickly found out that I couldn’t draw at all. But there were a few other options. For example, painting was a choice. I was not acceptable at that either, though. I soon became interested in photography. There was skill involved, but it seemed relatively simplistic at first. I started taking classes during the summer and found out that it wasn’t as serene as I first examined it to be. There were so many factors involved: lighting, angles, speed, audio set-up, and color. But I was rather good at all of it. I had found my true hobby that I loved. Very rapidly, my projects became special effects based and my capability was gaining momentum. The products were becoming more and more creative. I began specializing in color arrangements and new interesting angles.

Besides the aesthetically finished product, I needed to entertain while explaining an important underlying opinion. My focus switched to documentary short films, but still maintaining the professional look of the movie itself. Important issues really grabbed my attention such as suicide, gay marriages, high school cliques, war in Iraq, and major political affairs. As a filmmaker, I hold the power to educate an audience about what really matters.

With that important power to inform people about the issues, I could also incorporate my personal opinions. I love to express my thoughts of what is morally and ethically correct. Refuting arguments opposite of my ideas is really empowering. Also, through film I can exhibit my influencing life experiences that made me who I am. Creating characters I can relate to is a main reason why I love film so much.

Thinking what life would be life without film is inconceivable. It is such a major aspect of my life, my true “life calling.” I love being able to bring people into a different world where they are able to think differently, experience new things. Only through film can I completely be creative, reveal my ideas, and express myself freely.

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