Youth Supremacy: Saving Mother Earth for the Next Generation

April 13, 2010
By misslunalovegood GOLD, Manila, Other
misslunalovegood GOLD, Manila, Other
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“The power to rescue Mother Earth lies within the hands of the youth.”
The quest of saving Mother Earth from total destruction has been irresponsibly ignored by most of the people throughout the beginning of the industrial revolution. The populace has been blinded by the dominance of useful and yet destructive technology. Only a few strive to find the perfect answer to the rapid destruction of Mother Earth and yet the answer has remained undiscovered through out time.

But the key that can save our beloved Mother Earth has been wandering with us from the very beginning. It has been silently drifting, waiting for someone to discover its dominating power. The solution to our rapidly – developing environmental crisis is quite simple – youth supremacy.

There are three major aspects that are affected by the technology’s control over the people. These are the land, water and the air. They are continued to be destroyed by man’s careless actions and self – centered intentions. If what we want is to rescue our Mother Earth, they are the first things to be considered and paid attention.

Nowadays, our land vicinity is persistently damaged in different tactics. Haphazard disposal of urban and industrial wastes, exploitation of minerals, and improper use of soil by inadequate agricultural practices are the main contributor of land pollution. Another is the successive illegal logging of industrial companies. The trees, which resiliently hold the soil, are cut which results to excessive flooding in rainy periods.

To be able to solve these land problems, people must avoid the things that contribute to this continuous crisis. Reforestation is also another way of saving our forest wonders and the creatures that live there. Waste separation of the biodegradable from the non – biodegradable must be observed to save our land, the dwelling base of every human and most animals. Mining in caves should be lessened to preserve the wonderful minerals of our environment.

While our lands are continued to be degraded, our water bodies are also contaminated. Water pollution occurs when pollutants are discharged directly or indirectly into water bodies without adequate treatment to remove harmful constituents. Sewage discharges and industrial wastes, which often contain phosphates, nitrates and asbestos, when improperly disposed pollutes the lakes and rivers with its harmful chemicals. Marine dumpling, atmospheric deposition, and eutrophication contribute to wider water pollution. If not properly treated, marine organisms can be severely affected and fishers who rely on these organisms will starve.

Discipline is one of the best ways to lessen water pollution. Though atmospheric deposition and eutrophication are cannot be controlled by humans, some causes can be avoided. Factories should not throw their industrial wastes on the bodies of water. Sewage wastes should be treated appropriately by the commoners.

The last aspect that needs to be paid attention is the air. The air we breathe today is now polluted; some are caused by the environment itself but most by the human activities. The biggest causes of air pollution are the burning of the fossil fuels and the combustion of the automobiles’ fuel. Natural causes are volcanic eruptions, wind erosion, pollen dispersal, evaporation of organic compounds, and natural radioactivity.

Pollution control is what we need to be able to lessen air pollution. People should practice the lesser use of aerosols which contain chlorofluorocarbons or CFC’s. The use of lesser energy should also be implemented. Waste reduction will also help the cutback of air pollutants. People should strive to have a better atmosphere, after all, oxygen is one of the reasons why we live and why we breathe.

The questions that arise from these statements and solutions are the same questions that bother the mind of every reader. The questions are straightforward: How are the people going to understand all of this? How are they going to know the phenomena that threaten our Mother Earth? How are they going to be aware to all of this?

That is where the role of the youth comes in. The youth of today possess different kinds of skills and talents. They are good in several fields, whether in stage performance or academics. They should use these gifts as a mean of communication to the masses. They must use up their talents in letting the nation become aware of this threatening occurrence in our environment. They should be creative enough for the sake of the future generations.

When gathered together by the power of unity, the youth can develop a strong force that can influence the people. With the unity of the youth together with the use of their talent as a mean of communication to the masses, we can surely recover our great Mother Earth.

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