A Unique Degas

April 12, 2010
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Art differs not only by the artist, but by style in it is made. As with most artists Degas uses a particular content and has a specific artistic style to his work and because of this, there are ways to determine if the painting is a degas or not. One way to determine if the painting is a Degas or not is if the painting looks like it was made in haste. In many of his 1,500 pieces Degas uses ballet as his subjects and Degas uses the look of spontaneity like to make the painting look as though it was made quickly backstage to a ballet right before the curtain is raised.

There are other ways to determine if the painting is a Degas or not. One is to look at the colors used in the painting. For example in the passage, it says he uses a limited range of colors and made the oils he used droop out of the outline of the characters and to the bottom of the painting. Along with the look of spontaneity, Degas uses contrasting colors to make the subjects of his paintings stand out. In the painting of the infant son his friend in Normandy, Carriage at the Races, Degas uses the dark colors of the horses to frame the brightness of the interior of the carriage and the crème colored umbrella, where the child and his parents are resting. By using a combination of contrasting colors and the look of spontaneity, Degas is able to make the viewer feel like they are standing right next to him as the scene unfolds.
Degas also incorporates nature in his paintings, such as using horses in some of his later paintings. He was also able to improve his style by studying Japanese symbols and art and includes those elements in his art. As Degas grew older he became a photographer and took pictures that would take the elements he used to paint and include them in his work.

Degas has a unique way of painting using contrast and the look of spontaneity to captivate his viewers and give the illusion that they are there at the scene. Due to this it is fairly easy to pick out his paintings and determine the elements used by him. His paintings allow for the viewer to experience the beauty and wonderment of the moment captured in the piece of art.

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