September 25, 2007
By Courtney Carlton, Whitewater, CO

Golden brown locks of hair hit my face. Memories flooded my mind, things I could have changed or made right in my life. The wind was fast, making it hard to breathe. I threw my arms out in front of me then everything stopped. Everything was still again.

It was in the morning my brother had Decided that we would go play in the woods and create a adventure of our own. We ran through the trees, laughter echoing from three other spots. My brothers and my sister finally met up with me. We looked in front of us, our heads cranked up. We saw the giant. Its skin was brown and cracked. Arms thick, long, and strong. From all the others that were like it, we could tell this one was the greatest of them all. My brothers, sister, and I walked forth toward it. We wanted to touch its amazement. We laied our hands upon it. It did not move, it did not speak, only the rustle of leaves spokes its words for it. My older brother and I said we should climb this mighty giant. We all smiled and charged the giant. Four children were crawling up its many arms. A climb that was far to easy, I needed more of a challenge. I looked to the left and I saw the giants arms stretched out among the other trees. I knew this arm would be hardest to get across then all the others. It was a arched beauty. Its graceful curves slid in smooth weaves. I looked up at my older brother and said, "I'm going to go across this one." He looked at me and told me it was not a good idea. I said, "whatever," then muttered under my breath with selfish tone, "I'm a professional." I got down low and began dragging myself forward across the branch. I was almost in a crawling position. My brother stopped climbing and new he had to watch this. I kept pulling forward, eyes on the target. I set my hand down one after the other. The next hand I set down missed. My heart sank, eyes grew wide, and body met gravity.

Golden brown locks of hair smacked my face. I was flying just not as anyone would want to be flying. The sunset autumn colors were getting closer. I had tears in my eyes, I wouldn't blink, my breath was competely gone, I had no control of how fast I was going or when I could stop. My brothers and sister were shocked to see what had happened. The giants arms snapped at my touch. I was in pain. I could do nothing. Then suddenly everything stopped. All life felt like it had been knocked out of me. My lungs felt tight, my heart a unthinkable speed. I cried, then I looked up to my brothers and sister. They were rushing down to me to see if I was alive. I slowing got to my feet, their rushing stopped. My older brother was worried so much about me and kept asking if I was alright. I said, "yes." I laughed a little to calm everyone down, they smiled and laughed with me. I then turned around and began walking back to the house.

I saw my mother outside of the house. She was coming toward me to ask what had happed. I told her what had happened and she saw that I was fine. She giggled a little then looked down at me with her armed coating me with warmth. Her smiled warmed me and she said, "did you learn anything?"

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