animal abuse

April 12, 2010
Every day, animals are dying because of human products. These products are harmful for animals according to Make up companies, acne companies, and cleaning product. These products are mostly tested on rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice. I think that animals have the right to live like humans and be free in the wild not in cages in stuck in a lab with toxic fumes everywhere.

Many cleaning products, such as Lysol, Windex and Clorox are tested on rabbits. These rabbits suffer because of the toxic smells. Scientist have a pretty big lab and usually what they do to test Clorox is take a black or brown rabbit and bleach their fur. If it bleaches the fur with no problem than that is acceptable for humans. But this is the bad side, if the bleaching doesn’t work, than the rabbit’s fur gets shaved off, and their skin gets damaged. 2 weeks later poor innocent rabbits die. This is cruel. I think that scientists should not do that at all.
A bunch of make up companies such as Cover Girl, Revlon, and Maybelline, test their make up on bunnies, guinea pigs, and mice. Scientist and their helpers put lipstick on guinea pigs’ necks where they have no fur and if it doesn’t work then the guinea pigs neck bubbles up and gets irritated this is outrageously painful. A couple of weeks later they die as well. Should animals have to suffer like this? I don’t think so. These cosmetic fumes hurt the animals. I go against animal testing.

According to more than 70 million animals die a year from just cleaning products and make up products. Animals finally have a voice and that’s you! So be a helper and go against animal testing.

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