That one great day…

September 24, 2007
A month or so before my ninth birthday, I found out why I did not look all that much like my parents, I was adopted. I was waiting in anticipation for the day I could possibly meet them, then my parents proposed the idea of meeting them for my ninth birthday in Six Flags, Elich Gardens, an amusement park in Denver. Of course, I said yes, I mean, meeting the people that actually gave birth to you, and a birthday at an amusement park, what could be better! I learned that I had a biological brother, and that my biological parents were still together. After a extremely long 4 hour drive to Denver, we stopped at my grandmother’s house, and she, of course, had to bake me a cake and spoil me on my birthday.

We arrived at Eliches, the greatest amusement park I have been to yet, and we wait outside the park for my biological parents to arrive. At first I did not recognize them, then suddenly I knew that I had looked at them in the crowd. I scanned the crowd again, then I knew that they were looking for me too because of their expressions. I made eye contact with Adrienne, my birth mother, and she smiled. Somehow, we knew that we were related so we just walked toward each other and hugged. Her eyes were welling with tears, and my biological father, Walt and my brother also were smiling, and they followed Adrienne. I hugged Walt, and Trevor, my brother seemed like he was confused.

Throughout the day, we went on a ton of rides, ate food, and my birth parents gave me a present as soon as we left the park. They wanted me to go to their car, so my family followed them. Once we got there, I was told to close my eyes. I heard the car door open, some rustling, and some other odd sounds. Then I heard them counting down from three, then singing of Happy Birthday. I of course opened my eyes and saw a huge cake and a present.

We ate cake and I opened my present. Fox racing gloves, and some other items that now hold great sentimental value.

When it was getting dark, we said our goodbyes and hugs. At this time, Trevor had become a lot more personable, and had opened up a lot. We got in the car, at first it was silent, then suddenly, at the same time, my parents barraged me with questions of what I thought of them, and of course, I said all I could, and even then would not stop talking in the car.

In hindsight, I realize that I had a ton of questions I did not ask at all. But I still call it the best birthday I have ever had.

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