Animal Testing

April 12, 2010
Imagine that you are a poor innocent guinea pig, and you are in a testing lab. A scientist picks you up out of all the other guinea pigs. Next, they shave your fur off and put some pink substance on your skin. Your skin gets extremely red and, little by little, it starts to fall off, and o couple of hours later you die. Your short life gone, just like that.

Millions of animals are kept in laboratories according to There is a law that protects most animals from testing called the Animal Welfare Act this protects rabbits, guinea pig etc but it doesn't protect birds and mice. These animals are tested on the most. Since this act doesn't protect, them the government can’t really keep track of all the animals that are in testing labs. The Animal Welfare Act requires testing labs to write down how many animals they have in their labs. If this law doesn't protect mice and birds, then how are we supposed to really know how many are killed every year? According to, an estimated that 25 million animals are in testing labs.

Make-up companies, cleaning products and eye drops companies test their products on poor innocent animals. Maybelline, Cover Girl and Revlon test their make-up on animals. Lysol, Clorox, Pine-Sol, and Windex according to All these harmful chemicals hurt the animals and can cause them to die. Most of medical practice was first tried on animals which is not fair at all. The chemical that the animals inhale cause weird things to happen to them such as their skin falling, going blind ect. Scientist test the eye drops and mice and force them to take it and this can make them go blind but what do they care they just want to "make the product safer." (

If animals and humans have the same right to live, then why do scientists still test on them? I will tell you why. Because they are all jerks and only think of making money. What is going to happen if the race of animals we test on becomes extinct, then what? These poor animals lose their skin, fur and life for products we use. This is not fair for them. They just take all the dead bodies and put it in a bag and throw it out like trash. Is this fair for these poor animals I don't think so.

Come and join me to stop animal testing. This is not fair at all for these animals to suffer for products you use. Put yourself in the animal’s place how would it feel for your skin to fall off or die on the spot? Come and help me and stop animal testing in all companies.

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