September 11 A Different Tragedy

September 24, 2007
By Megan Nahrstadt, Fruita, CO

Human loss is a devastating occurrence, especially if you were close to that person. Every person that is special to you they fill a spot in your heart. When that person leaves or dies that spot is now a gaping hole. That’s how my heart was when my uncle died four years ago, and my heart is still healing from it.
September 11 has a lot of meaning for people but mine is a little bit different from everyone else. My uncle didn’t die in the twin towers this was actually two years after the towers fell. My mom and I were sitting in my dark western living room out in Mack CO. It was a hot, bright, and sunny day, the air was dry, and it was just a slow day. My mother got a call on her cell phone and her face turned white. After she got off the phone I questioned her about what was wrong. My uncle was in the hospital supposedly under critical condition. I was deeply worried for my uncle and my mom she was driving herself insane just sitting at the house. I suggested a trip into town and going shopping to get some thing off of her mind. The decoy didn’t really work she was still filled with anxiety. When we were coming back home from town we were passing an older bare part of town. We went passed this old Mexican restraint Fiesta Guadalajara when my mom got a phone call and suddenly pulled into the gravel parking lot. My mom started crying hysterically and she couldn’t tell me, there was no break between her sobs.
My uncle had died in the car wreck he was ejected from the vehicle, he wasn’t wearing his seat belt luckily my cousin was. My uncles silver Toyota finally stopped rolling in the median landing on the roof. My cousin crawled out of the vehicle and to his fathers’ body. He said that his dad was staring in to the heavens, my uncle died on impact. My cousin sat there with my uncle’s body in his arms crying while onlookers just starred. Finally someone pulled him away from his dad until the paramedics came.
The funeral was held in a beautiful catholic church two days later. The air was brisk but it was a clear day, not a cloud in sight. Not a single eye in that church was dry in that church and they still weren’t dry at the graveyard either.
My uncle was loved by everyone; he was only forty one when he died. He had so much life left in him; he was one of my favorite people in the world. You would never see him without a smile on his face he loved his family and his friends. He will never be forgotten.

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