April 5, 2010
I dissected the fish on the boat to see what the fish was eating. Its diet.
You can see what kind of fish it ate, if it ate clams, plants or fish on the reef.
I learned that fish eat their prey whole.
The tools I used for dissection were scissors and a rag.
It is important to hold the mouth back and
I don’t want my hand on its face.
Here is what I did:
I cut most of the meat and scales off.

I see if there are any interesting parts. I look at the muscles and try and cut them.
Usually the muscles are guarding most of the organs and the special parts of the body.

I cut the upper and lower jaw out to see how sharp the fish’s teeth are to predict if
it ate plants or animals. Snappers eat meat, not coral plants like angelfish do.

I look at its gills. I look at see if they’re red. That means they’re very healthy.

I start cutting his veins, so I can take the stomach out and look at it and look at
his meals inside. They only eat one meal a day.

Their livers look like a red octopus.

The heart is red like ours and is the size of a pebble.

The swim bladder looks like gray spaghetti.

I take all the pieces and then move them.

Where the ponytail is on my head, I go to the fish’s head.

There are at least four
different muscles around the brain to protect it from damage.

I cut off the four muscles, and then cut the brain from the other body parts.
I take the brain out, the size of a pebble, not very large, which means they aren’t very smart. Some fish, otherwise known as clownfish, have large brains.
They can hide in coral reefs to protect themselves from danger. Clownfish have special slime on them protecting them from the sting of the coral, because it is their natural habitat.
I have to take the eyeballs out. Actually fish’s eyeballs spray out ink that is black. It is usually brown around the pupil.

Some things in the fish's body are very disgusting.

My conclusions:

It is surprising that the heart is so small

Snappers have large teeth

Pinfish have small teeth, because they eat shrimp

Ballyhoo have teeny, but sharp, teeth because they are shrimp eaters

Even though they eat the same things, their brains can be larger, even though the
Snapper is a larger fish.

I have looked at a lot of fish of its kind and I think this is just the way they were born and made into their own life.

I would not like to be a fish.

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