Gamer's view on: HOMEWORK!!!

April 23, 2008
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Gamer's view on: HOMEWORK!!!

People we came across faces where homework is no less than pawstruck and uncool. If C is the best grade you've ever got, this is just your article. No my idea is not of a C... it's a B+.

Take all your homework and set your time limit. Take the notebook of your easiest subject as level one and your time starts now. Write faster for time bonus. Highlight important points for bonus points. The neater work, better grade.Oh no! Your mom called. Quick... take the I am studying shield to protect yourself from chores. Dead meat! Running time. Got to make it. Phew! Just in the nick of time (as soon as I find who is this Nick dude). Couldn't get the time bonus but hey there's always a next level... Here the time limit is just the same but the prob is the subject is tough and mom calls a lot. Jesus this couldn't be happening. This level has another bonus that if you finish the homework as well as revising it, you get the wisdom bonus which help in the exams. Stazy and Hazy!
Analysation and grades develop through my gaming point of view but what to do about the final level? I mean creative writing? Take the subject an write all you know. Then set it in a sequel . Here the time limit is more for your working bit. Plus mom is so tired, she dare not call you again.
Yippy! Just in a nick of time (who is this Nick dude?).
Uh-oh! You are clear with the work but mom's angry. She was calling you remember? Just hug and say how har you worked etc. and stuff. She will cook you a treat. Take it from the professional gamer girl.
See? A clear check and a B+ so rocks... Say you think I can play DVX200 at the last level? Who cares???

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TheAmazingJoysie said...
Jun. 15, 2011 at 7:33 am
teeheehee awesome and smart this totally made sense thanks!! :D
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