Death of Dolphins

April 23, 2010
By , Honey Brook, PA
The cruel and inhumane slaughter of the dolphins turns the water red because there is so much blood. Trapping and tricking innocent dolphins into a bloody cove killing over 2,300 dolphins in six months.
In Taiji, Japan, fishermen bang mental poles to confuse the dolphin’s sonar. After the dolphins get confused and tired they are tricked into a cove where it s blocked by nets so they can’t get out. After being slaughter with spears and knives they are sold on the market.
I’m not saying that everyone should stop slaughtering animals. I think that there should be a limit of how many dolphins should be killed. There shouldn’t be so much blood that the water completely turns red. I am not the only one appalled at Taiji’s actions, Louie Psihoyos directed the documentary “The Cove” which won an Oscar, and an Audience award at the Sundance Festival. This documentary explores the slaughtering of dolphins and whales. He used underwater technology
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