Broken Promises

April 20, 2010
By Anonymous

It was around eleven and I just finshed writting my last text.The last text was to my boyfriend.He said his usally I love you and I care about you.As usally I belived it.Not nowing what the next day was going to bring.I awoke the next moring thinking it be another day.To my suprise it wasnt.I got dress and went to school.As I normally do I checked my phone and not to my surprise no text from my boyfriend.Of course I knew he wouldnt text me because he dosent have his phone in the moring.I left for the bus stop and walked into school with my head held high.The day dragged on and I saw him in between periods.Then finally he confronted me and told me the truth.He told me he cutted his wrist last night because of all the stress.This wasnt good but I wasnt going to tell.That night I went home and cried for him.A few days passed and he promised not to hurt himself anymore.I belived him and thought our relationship was strong.To find out it wasnt.He dumped me and told me he wasnt mentally stable.After I forgave him fifteen times it was all over in a heartbeat.The promise not to hurt me,to always love me and most of all never to leave me.I smiled and held my head high.That one day showed I was strong and through all the broken promises I came out stronger.I thank him for the lesson he taught me.He was my first love and taught me what love really was.I learned I need to trust few people with my feelings.Afterwards I started calling me and him broken promises.Thats what our whole relationship was a bunch of broken promises.

The author's comments:
My x boyfriend really inspired me to write this little piece right here..After beliveing everything he told me I belived it..Then when we broke up I started thinking our relationship was broken promises.

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