Amazing Happings (chapter 1)

April 20, 2010
Chapter 1

Popularity Is Key

You do an amazing thing, once in your life, and you get recognized. But as people forget you fall back into a lower status. You no longer have cool friends or get noticed by guys, your just there were no one seems to care.

I know this from personal experience. A couple of years back, I saved a kid, who was choking, and every one saw me as a hero. I had lots of friends and every guy in the school wanted to take me to our school dances, just how I like things. But, people began to forget my great deed and I slowly make my way back to the bottom of the food chain, again. I've only had one constant friend, though I don't even know if she counts, through my constant changes in social status.

She's Sammie, my twin sister, and I'm Emmie. We are both in 8th grade, with long brown hair, though she got highlights, and deep brown eyes. We aren't necessarily identical, but we do look a lot a like. Our main difference, the way people tell us apart, is that she's about an inch shorter than me.

Anyways, right now, we are at the bottom, and that's what really matters. Sammie doesn't seem to care, but I do. She thinks that since we have each other we don't need anything, or anyone, else. Also, she thinks that true friends don't care about our actions, or our social status. Well, that's were she's wrong. Friends are made when they have the same interests and everyone is interested in amazing happenings. So, I'm going to give them just that, because that's what really matters, right?

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