A Successful Leadership Story

April 17, 2010
By Pixxie_Glitter BRONZE, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Pixxie_Glitter BRONZE, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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Thomas Jefferson, the greatest successful story of history. He was born into a wealthy plantation family. He was tutored from an early age, he studied Botany, Latin and violin. When he was fourteen, his father died and left the plantation to him. At the College of William and Mary, he studied Enlightment philosophy, science and law for fifteen hours a day. Being shy and awkward, Thomas became a writer and lawyer. By looking at his accomplishments, it shows that Thomas Jefferson was a successful leader.

Elected into the Virginia State Legislature (House of Burgesses) Thomas introduced legislation for gradual emancipation by reasoning and writing all men are created equal but are not the same. Jefferson was called a traitor for this because America depended on slaves, and he was planning to free them over time. Jefferson became part of Virginia’s delegation to the Continental Congress. He wrote resolutions on civil rights and religious freedom. On July 4th, 1776 Jefferson completed the Declaration of Independence. As Vice President, he wrote against government policies, such as the Alien and Sedition Acts. In 1800, Thomas Jefferson was elected the third president promoting balance and co-operation between Federalists and Republicans. He showed this by putting members of both groups into office and bought the Louisiana Terrritory. After his presidency, Jefferson established a free and public school called the University of Virginia .

In conclusion, I believe Thomas Jefferson was a successful leader. My reasons are simple: he was a patriot, and helped America claim it’s independence from Britain by writing the Declaration of Independence. Even though he wasn’t a loud speaker, Jefferson was an effective writer. Leaders always find a way to reach their followers, and he found it through writing.

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This was another piece for History class I did.

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