Be careful what you wish for

April 16, 2010
By Lee17 BRONZE, Scottsville, Kentucky
Lee17 BRONZE, Scottsville, Kentucky
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I have never really liked my stepmom. Even though she has been around since I was three years old. But that was before I was old enough to realize the kind of person she really was. I started really noticing a difference in my dad like how before he met our stepmom dad would always take Tanner and I to Mc Donald’s and the zoo and there weren’t any problems between us. But every since he got with her she just caused trouble between me and my dad and it was like she was constantly trying to rip me and My Dad apart. Like she was playing some crazy game. Her favorite game to play was to get me in trouble by my dad then she would wait until I was sitting in my room crying and she would come in my room and ask me if I was ok and ask me if I wanted to talk about it. Some nights I would stay up crying trying to figure out why my dad always believed her over me. Some times it seemed like she was controlling my dad and using him to hurt me and tear me down. Later on in life when I was about fifteen years old my dad finally wised up to her a little bit just not to the fact that she treated me like crap.

My Dad asked my stepmom “where is all of our money going every month” and she tried to say “I don’t know where it went.” My dad knew where it had went she liked to spend what little money we actually had on herself. My dad and stepmom continued arguing, my dad trying to get her to admit it and she kept on denying it. It finally got quiet until my step-mom tried to cover her ass. She tried to say “you’re cheating on me that’s why you’re acting like this because you need money for your new girlfriend.” Which I know wasn’t true because if it was even remotely true my dad wouldn’t keep her around because they didn’t get along that good in the first place. They continued arguing off and on for a few more weeks. They were arguing so much that I just couldn’t stand it so during the days and a couple of nights I went to my grandparent’s. Their house was right across the road from my house.

My step mom went to my Tanner’s football practice knowing my Dad was already there. When she got there my Dad was talking to a player’s mom, and as soon as seen as she seen him she tried to pull the cheating bull crap of course my step mom just had to make a scene. She went off and started hollering and screaming in front of the football team and all the parents and amongst this embarrassing argument she shouted at my Dad “I wish you would have a heart attack and die so that I don’t have to kill you.” But little did she know Dad was talking to the player’s mom about making some of his home made barbeque for the upcoming football banquette.

Dad finally had enough of her and a few weeks later he finally made her leave but they were still talking on the phone and she was whining about money and all her problems in life. For some reason she told my dad she wanted to be back with him and even after all the horrible stuff she had said to him some how Dad still loved her, in my opinion she never loved him maybe at first but not towards the end. With her it was just about getting her hands on my Dads social security check that he got every month. The problem was she wanted every thing her way and because apparently her and my grand-parents got into it. (The owners of the house we lived in.) My step- mom no longer wanted to live there in our house unless my grand-parents put her name on the deed. Being the smart person my grandmother is she wouldn’t do it. This didn’t really do any thing but cause arguments between me and my dad and my Grand-parents.
The day finally came after being told by the cops twice that “I had to listen to my Dad no matter what because he is the parent” and after the cops coming out to my house and practically forcing me to go with my Dad, stepmom, Tanner, and my dad’s friend’s son Adam. Even though I didn’t want to leave I had to. I would much rather stay with my grand parents, because they were getting old and besides that I would rather be on a farm instead of in the middle of town where we were going to move.
About half way over there me and Dad started arguing because I didn’t want to move and I wanted to make sure he knew that. I wanted to live close to my grandparents. I wouldn’t shut up and he told me to be quiet or he was going to turn around and smack me, of course I didn’t and as Dad turned around he also turned the steering wheel causing the car to dart to the other side of the road. All I could think of as Dad over corrected the car is what have I done now! We smacked into the side of a hill and began a series of many consecutive flips. During all this flipping I heard the sound of the windows and windshield breaking and then every thing was spinning out of control. In the mist of all this confusion I grabbed hold of the door and old shit handle and screamed at the top of my lungs hoping he would hear “Lord help us all!” Once the car finally stopped and I came to my senses and I noticed my dad wasn’t in the car so I grabbed hold of where the door where the window use to be and went to pull myself out but what I didn’t realize was that I still had my seat belt on so I undid my seat belt and dove head first into the grass. When I finally found my dad he was about forty feet away from the car laying on his back groaning in agonizing pain. I went to the nearest house and knocked on the door but no one was home, tanner got out of the car shortly after I did and stopped a truck going down the road. The guy that was in the truck called 911, as the paramedics arrived I wondered if my dad was dead or alive and all the sudden I remembered my stepmoms wish.
First the paramedics showed up and got dad on a stretcher and in the ambulance and they took him to the medical center in bowling green. Tanner and I went with our grandparents, and our stepmom and Adam, went with Adams Mom and Dad to the hospital.
My grandparents tanner and I finally got to the hospital and we went back to see Dad. I started crying when I noticed the condition he was in. all I could think of is that it was my fault, I told dad sorry and hugged him tight but I hurt his shoulder a little bit when I squeezed him. He said it he was ok and that it wasn’t my fault and I shouldn’t worry about him that he would be ok and he told me he loved me then he fail asleep from the medicine he was on. They got us all checked out and surprisingly out of five people he was the only one hurt.
His shoulder was broke; he broke two ribs and punctured his and lung. They kept Dad in the hospital for about two weeks and sent him home about a week before thanksgiving I was so glad to finally have Dad home and even though it was only two weeks it seemed like for ever, it was good to know that my Dad was ok, but only to my surprise he wasn’t. Unfortunately he couldn’t stay home no matter how bad I wanted him to. He was hurting because of broken vertebrates that the stupid doctors didn’t find the first time because they didn’t do a full body cat scan which by the way is standard procedure. Then I wasn’t sure of what was going to happen. It didn’t even seem like he would get to come home again at all. All I knew is that I wanted my Dad home.
Christmas was always Dads favorite time of year, me and him would get up on the roof every year no matter how cold it was and put Christmas lights on the house. So I put up the tree and I put lights on the house when he was in the hospital so he could see them when he got home because I knew he would be sore and I did it so he wouldn’t have to because I knew no matter how sore he was he would still try to put the lights up.

Dad didn’t get to come home for Christmas and see the lights. Even though he wasn’t there in person I know in my heart that MY Dad was there and he could see the lights the Christmas tree and all the hard work I put into trying to make the house look good for my Dad. Unfortunately my stupid stepmom being the bitch that she is finally got her wish. My Dads heart did stop; a blood clot went from his leg and traveled through his veins and into his heart. My Dad died at around 5:30pm December 14 2008.
In loving memory of,
Roger Lee Reed Sr.

The author's comments:
it is about a hard time in my life

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